Unique flats in the heart of Billund

28 KIRKBI flats in a new residential property in Billund.

Rental and reservation opened in June 2021.

Bright and modern flats

Every KIRKBI flat has its own balcony or roof terrace. The quality materials used were selected carefully.

The property has 2-room, 3-room and 4-room flats  situated on the first to fifth floors . 

There is a parking space for each flat.

Focus on high quality and sustainability

The KIRKBI flats  all have exquisite materials of a high standard, with focus on sustainability.

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Information about the flats

Address Size Rooms Terrace / Balcony
Vejlevej 3, 1. th. 118 m2 3 Terrace (east) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 3, 2. th. 101 m2 3 Terrace (east) og balcony (north)
Vejlevej 3, 3. 100 m2 3 Terrace (east) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 5, 2. tv. 115 m2 3 Balcony (south) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 5, 3. th. 113 m2 3 Balcony (south) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 5, 4. mf. 127 m2 3 Terrace (east) & two balconies (north)
Vejlevej 5, 4. tv. 115 m2 3 Balcony (south) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 5, 5. th. 117 m2 3 Terrace (east) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 5, 5. tv. 98 m2 3 Balcony (south) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 7, 2. th. 164 m2 4 Balcony (south), two balconies (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 7, 3. tv. 115 m2 3 Balcony (south) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 7, 4. th. 164 m2 4 Balcony (south), two balconies (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 7, 4. tv. 99 m2 2 Balcony (south)
Vejlevej 7, 5. tv. 115 m2 3 Balcony (south) & balcony (north)
Vejlevej 7, 5. th. 151 m2 4 Two balconies (south) & balcony (west)
Vejlevej 9, 1. th. 117 m2 3 Balcony (east) & balcony (west)
Vejlevej 9, 2. tv. 115 m2 3 Balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 9, 3. th. 117 m2 3 Balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 9, 4. tv. 116 m2 3 Balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 9, 4. th. 101 m2 3 Balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 9, 5. th. 146 m2 4 Balcony (west) & two balconies (east)
Vejlevej 9, 5. tv. 180 m2 4 Terrace (north), balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 11, 1. tv. 118 m2 3 Balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 11, 1. th. 123 m2 3 Terrace (north)
Vejlevej 11, 2. th. 121 m2 3 Terrace (north) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 11, 3. tv. 118 m2 3 Balcony (west) & balcony (east)
Vejlevej 11, 3. th. 106 m2 2 Terrace (north)
Vejlevej 11, 4. 99 m2 2 Terrace (north) & balcony (east)

Close to everything

Kastaniehjørnet, situated on the corner of Vejlevej and Hans Jensens Vej, is an oasis in the heart of Billund. Close to everyday necessities, shopping and interesting events and venues.

Live in an urban oasis

The flats overlook Billund’s vibrant city centre, with Butikstorvet and LEGO® House as the closest neighbours.

Views of LEGO® Campus

Billund is the home of the LEGO® company. To the north, the LEGO Group's iconic head office, LEGO® Campus, can be seen from several balconies. 


  • When can the flats be viewed?

    As we have limited access to the building site, there might waiting time, until we can offer a visit in the flats. Please contact us, if you have interest in viewing the flats. 

  • Can I sign up to the waiting list?

    KIRKBI does not have a waiting list, but you are welcome to sign up to our interested parties list.

  • How does the interested parties list work?

    As a private landlord KIRKBI is not obliged to offer the flats in the same sequence as it receives enquiries, but can offer the flats on a discretionary basis. If several people are interested in the same flat, we will in principle offer the flat on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Do specific tenants take precedence?

    KIRKBI's flats are not intended for specific groups, such as internationals, seniors, families with children, students, LEGO employees  or others.
    On the contrary, KIRKBI hopes to achieve a diverse mix of tenants, in which all categories are represented.

  • What is included in the rent?

    In addition to the rent, water and heating are charged on account.
    Electricity is registered and paid directly to the utility company.
    Internet and TV packages must be ordered from and settled directly with the providers.

  • Is there a smoking policy?

    Smoking is not permitted in common areas (stairways and lifts).

  • Can I have more than one parking space?

    There is only one parking space per home.
    You are welcome to make an arrangement with a neighbour, without involving KIRKBI.

  • Where can my visitors park?

    There are visitor parking at ground level behind the building. Alternatively, your guests can use the public parking in the centre of Billund.

  • Where can I park my bicycle?

    There will be bicycle stands behind the building. 

  • Are there basement storage rooms for the flats?

    There are no basement rooms for extra storage, but there are depot rooms in the flats.

  • How must I sort my refuse?

    There are Molok containers at the property and Billund Municipality’s refuse-sorting regulations must be observed,

    There are refuse bins with two compartments, for biowaste and residual waste, in the flats’ kitchens.
    Other waste must be placed in the Molok containers for glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and paper, etc.

  • Is there a lift to all flats?

    Yes, there is both a lift and stairs to all flats.

    The size of the lift is 1,1m x 2,1m

  • Are pets allowed?

    It is not allowed to have or look after pets in any of the flats.

  • How can my balcony be furnished?

    We look forward to seeing plenty of life on the balconies, with diversity and creativity. There are a few rules to be observed:

    Due to the glass, balcony boxes may not be installed, neither externally nor internally. Parasols must be black or sand-coloured/beige. Awnings and wind breaks are not permitted. No fixtures may be installed on the building's facades.

    Lighting on balconies may not be coloured or flashing lights.

  • It is permitted to barbecue on balconies?

    Electrical or gas barbecues may be used on balconies. Open fires, including charcoal barbecues, are not permitted.

  • May I erect a satellite dish on my balcony?

    Satellite dishes or other types of antenna may not be erected on balconies, terraces, roofs or anywhere else in the property.

  • Where can I find information about the other homes in the building?

    Information about Billund Housing Association's flats can be found on Bovia’s website.
    Contact Billund Municipality for information about assisted living units.

  • Can I buy an apartment?

    There are not apartments for sale, neither in KIRKBI's nor BOVIA's or Billund Municipality's part of the building.